The Discovery and Significance
of the Blood Groups

By Marion Reid and Ian Shine
7.5" x 10" • 200 pp. • Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-59572-422-9 • $36.00

“This book will be of interest to both the novice and the experienced blood banker, as it elegantly brings history and science together to provide a unified portrayal of the blood groups, their discovery, and the scientists whose work has provided our current understanding.”

—R. Sue Shirey and Karen K. King*

*To read the full review by R. Sue Shirey and Karen E. King in Transfusion (Vol. 52, November 2012) please click here.

For a REVIEW by Roberto Reverberi (Edizioni SIMTI), please click here.


“It’s a must for the bookshelf of every blood bank. It’s a superb and beautiful book.”

—John Gorman MD, Lasker Award 1980

“The authors convey the excitement of scientific discovery so effectively on every page.”

—S. Gerald Sandler, MD
Professor of Medicine and Pathology, Georgetown University Hospital 

“This book is fantastic! It’s more like reading an eye-witness account than a scientific textbook. It’s wonderfully readable, and a great addition to the books on blood groups.”

—Phyllis Walker, MT(ASCP) SBB

“ I highly recommended this book to our pathology residents.”

—Ding Wen Wu, MD, Mt. Sinai Blood Bank



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About the Authors:

MARION REID, PhD is one of the world's foremost authorities on blood groups with a knowledge and expertise that colleagues have described as encyclopedic. In a long and distinguished career, she has coauthored nearly 400 articles and reviews on blood groups, including the now classic Blood Group Antigen Facts Book, and Blood Group Antigens & Antibodies.

IAN SHINE, MD is the author of Serendipity in St. Helena: A Genetical and Medical Study of an Isolated Community (which Arthur Mourant said he would recommend to every clinician and every medical student, but for its price). He also wrote Thomas Hunt Morgan: Pioneer of Genetics (of which Philip Levine promptly ordered 40 copies on the spot!)


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